If only Twitter allowed longer posts

September 16, 2018 4 min read

“Life is awesome! Every single bit of it, at this exact moment.

I have an amazing job. I work every day with motivated and talented people, in both a friendly and challenging environment. We create a product that matters and makes difference. We are widely known already and have big future ambitions. I’m challenged at work every day and never get bored. At the same time, I’m able to keep good work/life balance and I can’t remember when I didn’t want to come back to the office the next day.

I live in a marvelous city. I have relocated to Tallinn a year ago and what it gave me is beyond my initial expectations. I live in a diverse, multicultural place, full of talented people. I attend lots of events that I only dreamed of in my hometown. The city is alive and breathing with culture, creativity, and passion. Transportation if free and bureaucracy is an obsolete word here. It’s in active development, being improved all the time and I have a feeling of living in a city and country with potential and future, compared to my previous location. I also live in the great neighborhood. Põhja-Tallinn was my number one pick when I moved due to multiple factors. Sea is just a few minutes walk away from my home. I live near the forest as well and can have nature walk to the office almost every day.

I have an amazing wife. And I love her ❤. We went through different times during last 5 years together, but it only made the connection stronger. We support each other, share the same interests and life goals, and move towards them on a daily basis.

I helped to organize an astonishing conference. And I still can’t believe that I was part of it! DevTernity team consists of talented and passionate people, and the event itself is amongst top-rated conferences out there. Besides making IT world a better place, being part of this has changed my life as well. DevTernity is turning 5 years old next year already!

I have some marvellous hobbies.
I am a gamer. I play games since I’m 4 and I will never stop doing it. I was ashamed of it until recent times when gaming transitioned from nerd-only hobbies to a widely accepted one (and even beyond). I’m interested in industry itself as well, so besides playing I also have fun analyzing trends and being on top of what’s happening.

I am a reader. Reading was one of my favorite time spending activities since childhood, and I try to allocate a decent amount of time for reading also today. I consider Goodreads the best social network together with Twitter.

I care about my health. They way it’s happening now is also considered a hobby. I eat a healthy and balanced diet, count calories and nutrients, work out. A lot has changed during last year because of that. I have lost 20 kilos, became fitter and more satisfied with life, and it’s only the beginning. It’s impossible to keep healthy lifestyle if you don’t make it your hobby, and the worst thing you can do with yourself is to accept that nothing can be changed only to feed your inner food and laziness monsters.

I have accepted the truth about myself. We all know something about ourselves that we don’t reveal to others, and we usually don’t accept and hide it. We fear exposing it, fear to be honest and open. We always try to change something inside, we feel insecure and not satisfied with who we are. Now I have realized that without it, it’s impossible to move on. Embrace it! Be who you already are and don’t hide it behind any masks — both at work and at home. Hiding is lying to yourself and others, so just be yourself. And when you are, start building on top of that, not next to it.

I know how to be satisfied with what I already have. It’s a common problem humanity shares — being unsatisfied with everything. Not caring about having something already. Always wanting more and more. Looking at people around and comparing all the time. Complaining about how hard and unfair the life is. We all do that, and it’s a poison! Enjoy every moment. Don’t rely only on common approaches to achieve happiness and don’t wait for some magical cure. Learn to enjoy what you have, learn to be satisfied with small things you already possess. Don’t spend your life just wishing living it differently. Oh yeah, and please meditate!

I am happy. I know who I am and what I want. I do what is interesting to me and don’t spend my time on things I don’t need and want. I also spend time only with people I care about and that care about me as well. I don’t hide my true face and I’m honest with myself. I do everything to be healthy and fit. I’m satisfied with life. I am alive!”

I’m standing in a club in Tallin. It’s 2AM, I’m listening to old school Aphrodite live, with two great and close persons being around me. Pure drum&bass waves are passing through my mind and body. “I know what I want to write a post about!” — I shout to a friend near me. If only Twitter allowed longer posts, I would have written it there. But instead, it all summed up this way:



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