My name is Artjoms, and I’m 🇱🇻-born introvert, software developer and videogame nerd, currenly living and working in .

I'm 33.43150689 years old right now.

I do mobile software development for a living. Working in the industry since 2010, I was able to develop software for Maemo, Meego, Android, and iOS. In recent years I switched to cross-platform development and helped to build new apps and scalable platform in React Native at Pipedrive. Currently I'm working at VOOL as mobile team lead and Flutter developer. I love building new teams and supporting processes for productive work at scale. I was also amongst the people who the organized Latvian IT meetup and one of the largest conferences in Baltics. You can learn more about the projects I participated in by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

I am HSP/introvert. It took me a while to identify myself fully and learn what does it mean and how to live with this. I believe that knowing, understanding and accepting yourself is the key to success. My psychological type introduces some challenging situations on a daily basis, while also giving me some nice bonuses, and by mastering my own powers and weaknesses I'm able both to work in a team and to lead one. You can learn more about living as an HSP and introvert here.

I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks. I believe that reading is one of the most beneficial ways of spending your free time (while listening to audiobooks can be a perfect complement to walking or any physical activities). I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and my favorite fiction author is Brandon Sanderson. It's possible to check what I'm currently reading or my book ratings/reviews in the the best social network created by humankind.

I LOVE videogames. It's something I've been obsessed with since early childhood and I'm sure that I'm going to be a gamer for my whole life. I'm not watching TV series and not seeing a lot of movies, because I believe that videogames can be the perfect replacement for these activities. While it's incredibly hard to name the one game I'm loving the most, I always name Another World as one, since I've beaten it too many times. It's not only the state of art by the measures of the year 1991 when it was created, but it's also an example of how one talented person can build a world and a whole game around it, which is very inspiring.

Meditation and sports changed my life recently, and since I discovered how they affect one's life, a mindful and healthy lifestyle is something I try to actively embrace. Say no to and !

Magic: The Gathering became a huge part of my life some time ago. I never expected this game to change how I look at my daily life, but it did!

...Oh, and I love cats! Did you know that, despite the popular opinion, they love you too?

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