How we do iOS at Pipedrive

November 08, 2020 1 min read

We have our own engineering blog at Pipedrive. It’s a great way for anyone in the company to get some practice in writing and share stories about our achievements and learnings.

I did my part of a contribution as well and described our iOS release train process and overall flow of Pipedrive mobile team daily work. To make sure that text is better discoverable, I won’t be duplicating it here, so please check it out in our company blog.

Some thoughts about writing

I hear a lot from people near me, that they are afraid of expressing their thoughts in written format, and especially sharing it afterward. In the age of Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, creating and sharing short content, visual, or 280-character long can take a few minutes. And once done, you start getting feedback right away in a form of likes and comments. Easy to produce and easy to consume, that kind of content took over regular blogging and demotivates people from sharing their real thoughts. The feedback loop for self-expression via writing more extended texts is much longer. It requires much more time to produce and to do concentrated work for a considerable amount of time. With attention span decreasing yearly, and multitasking cult taking over, this can become the challenge.

But the truth is that writing… is easy. Sometimes I hear that people won’t bother writing because no one will read it at all. Or they are afraid it won’t be interesting to anyone once published. As Scott Hanselman mentioned in one of his awesome talks, your post needs only one more reader to double the keystrokes that you spent writing it, thus already doubling the value.

The key here is to not care about it at all. Just choose any topic that you feel confident in, or that you care about, and try to express your thoughts. As soon as few sentences are ready, there is a high chance that you will get into the flow. Meanwhile, don’t try to check your social networks every 5 minutes and put your phone into DnD mode. Noise-canceling headphones with your favorite tunes will help as well.

Just try it out and don’t be afraid to share the result afterwards!





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